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应用程序很复杂. 保护他们并不一定要如此.

Application Security: 管理服务

  • 简化应用程序安全性
    Reduce complexity 和 manage appsec risk with guidance from a dedicated security advisor 和 appsec experts.
  • 模拟真实世界的攻击
    We’ll automatically assess your modern web apps 和 APIs with the same real-world TTPs that attackers use.
  • Reduce noise, save time, secure faster
    理想的精益安全团队, managed appsec provides superior coverage 和 risk reduction, freeing your team up for more priority security initiatives.

Secure applications with confidence across the entire SDLC

Underst和 exactly where you should invest development resources to harden your posture, 限制潜在风险, 优先考虑补救措施.


Let us help you to minimize your workload, 最大化你的工作效率, 和 free you up for other tasks by focusing your remediation efforts on what matters most.



Our comprehensive approach includes everything from configuration, 到调度扫描, 监控扫描, 和 working with your team to progress your program.

Accelerate progress toward your goals

We guarantee consistent application assessments, so you can be confident in the results. Our experts will review findings, validate vulnerabilities, 和 remove false positives.

托管应用程序安全性 Key Features

  • Dynamic application security testing (DAST)
  • External 和 internal web application scanning
  • 支持现代应用程序(例如.g. APIs 和 single-page applications (SPAs))
  • Service deployment 和 application onboarding
  • 专职客户顾问
  • 管理运营分析师
  • Scan configuration, scheduling, 和 maintenance/troubleshooting
  • 脆弱性 validation/false positive removal


  • The underlying Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) technology behind 管理AppSec 和 InsightAppSec helps security teams to accurately 和 reliably assess modern web apps 和 APIs for potential vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS, 和CSRF. Our team uses InsightAppSec’s ability to assess 和 报告 on how your web app security st和s up to attackers 和 any potential compliance risk you might face.


  • What is managed application security?

    Managed application security is a service delivered by a Managed Security 服务 Provider (MSSP) to operationalize part or all of your application security program. 无论是扫描, 验证漏洞, 或者目标报告, you can offload these responsibilities to a trusted partner to free up time for higher-level business priorities. 

  • How does managed application security work?

    Managed application security testing 和 remediation services work by:

    • Managing scans: Creating 和 scheduling scan configurations 
    • Validating vulnerabilities: Reviewing findings, 验证漏洞, 去除假阳性 

    • Leveraging targeted 报告ing: Staying web-app compliant via focused scanning 和 报告ing

    • Prioritizing remediation: Providing guidance 和 recommendations for remediations
    • Testing business-logic: Assessing application functionalities like process timing, 篡改检查, 工作流规避, 和更多的   

  • What are the benefits of managed application security services?

    The benefits of managed application security services are:

    • 加速发布周期

    • 避免修复停机时间

    • 最小化time-to-remediation

    • 降低成本

    • 确定关键漏洞的优先级

  • What is the difference between static application security testing (SAST) 和 dynamic application security testing (DAST)?

    The difference between SAST 和 DAST is the time at which the application 和 its code are scanned. SAST scans the application while it’s at rest 和 DAST scans the application while it is running (also known as “at runtime”).

Helping 11,000+ global companies take the gloves off - 查看客户故事

“If we managed application security tools internally, we’d see hundreds of alerts 和 have to parse through 和 figure out what’s what. 管理AppSec is a lot more manageable than having a static Excel sheet or a PDF of a hundred things to look into.”
Carl Stern, 导演 of Information Security - Experity



Rapid7 托管应用程序安全性 Service Brief



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